Sunday, August 02, 2009

Why We Fight

Jake writes:
"This isn't conspiracy theories, this is about large corporations expanding markets through the industrial complex, creating new markets and robbing resources. . . Note: The idea in the end of the film [Why We Fight] is there is a conflict between capitalism and our government. The premise is that it is capitalism’s fault we are here. I completely disagree."

You are right.

Unregulated laissez-faire free market capitalism would make this fascistic alliance impossible. Capitalism is the complete separation of economics and state.

This is the error of the left: that whenever confronted by a breach of the separation of business and government, they only see the business side of the equation and absolve government of its essential role in corruption.

No corporation ever created a law. No business ever created a coercive monopoly. It is only with the cooperation of government force that any special interest has an advantage in an otherwise a free market.

This, by the way, is due to the prevailing cultural ethic of collectivism and self-sacrifice. This ethic believes the pursuit of individual achievement and profit to be selfish and, therefore, immoral. The government, on the other hand, is a selfless force for the common good, which is, therefore, virtuous.

This ethic is shared by both liberals and conservatives. This is why conservatives cannot be counted on to properly or vigorously defend capitalism.

It is this ethic that must be defeated before any progress can be made on other more political fronts.