Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LTE: Public Option

Single-payer is still on table and more than an 'option'

Dear Editor,

In a recent AC-T editorial on the health care reform bill in Congress, ("Clearing up health debate confusion," Aug 11, 2009), the editor states that single-payer, as he puts it, "is not on the table."

The truth is that single-payer is indeed "on the table" so long as the public option is on the table. The "public option” is a one-way ticket to single-payer, government-run health care. It is designed to squeeze out private insurance providers and push insurance consumers into the government plan, leading to single-payer.

The President claims that the public option will keep private insurers honest. What it will in fact do is keep private insurers at a permanent disadvantage, leading to their extinction.

Single-payer means a government bureaucracy interfering in the private relationships between doctors and their patients. It is a subversion of the right to contract. A subversion of the right to use one's judgment to act in one's own best interest without interference. It is a subversion of the right of doctors, nurses and insurers to offer products and services to satisfied health care consumers for mutual benefit.

The healh care central planners understand full well that single-payer is not only on the table, it is their goal.

**UPDATE** September 1, 2009

This letter was also published in the Asheville Daily Planet.


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