Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Screenings

Intrusive, arbitrary, ineffective and offensive TSA security screenings are a consequence of a timid foriegn policy that is unwillling to identify and eliminate the threat of violent anti-Western, anti-civilization Islamist totalitarianism.

America is not screening at airports for Imperialist Japanese kamize pilots. America is not screening for German Nazi commanders. That is because we thoroughly defeated and demoralized those enemies. What is missing in our national defense regime today is a foreign policy of self-interest that is willing to thoroughly defeat our enemies.

Screening for potential physical instruments of violence blatantly ignores the ideological origins of the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism. It is a willful ignoring of the facts of reality. It demonstrates to our enemies that we are willing to routinely violate the rights of our own innocent to appease the sensibilities of our enemies. This is a prescription for national suicide.


Assault the enemy, not the citizenry
by Linn and Ari Armstrong | November 26, 2010
If we want to get serious about checking out people who may be a threat to us, it is perfectly obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense that a three-year-old Texas girl poses no danger. In our era threats come from a small minority of those with ties to the Islamic world.

Nude Scanners Vs. The Foundations Of Capitalism
Wendy Milling | Forbes | 11.30.10
All it would take to return to the era of safe and unmolested air travel would be to ruthlessly stamp out Islamism by completely destroying all the states that support it and laying down the law for the survivors in those states. Terrorism cannot occur if its perpetrators are dead and its sympathizers thoroughly demoralized.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Rich Anti-Capitalist

George Soros: "The success of market fundamentalism (capitalism)in America which has really kind of skewed public opinion against their own interests...Certainly, if you eliminated that then the public interest would be better served. And presumably it would lead to a more equal distribution of wealth."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Erika Franzi, Tim Peck Resign From Asheville Tea Party


Dear Asheville Tea Party Members,

It is with great reluctance to announce that Founder, Erika Franzi, and Board member, Tim Peck have resigned from Asheville Tea Party and Asheville Tea PAC. It has been Erika's vision, leadership and unwavering belief in our mission that propelled the Asheville Tea Party and the Asheville Tea PAC to its successes, presence and influence.

It is hard to measure the countless hours and tireless effort that Tim Peck has devoted to both organizations. There are few who are as philosophically astute and grounded in our founding documents as Tim. He was always a guidepost.

They both have left a legacy that will guide the Asheville Tea Party and the Asheville Tea PAC going forward.

That legacy of accomplishments includes:
  • building two organizations, the Asheville Tea Party and the  Asheville Tea PAC
  • redesigning the organization to a project oriented structure
  • rallying for our rights
  • e-mailing and phoning campaigns to our representatives
  • meeting with Congressman Heath Schuler and Senator Kay Hagan to voice our concerns over the Health Care Bill
  • unveiling journalistic conflicts of interest in the press
  • educating us about our Founding Documents by organizing forums and speeches
  • attending the National Tea Party Conference and giving presentations
  • implementing a successful pre-primary debate for the District 11 Congressional candidates
  • supporting Congressional candidate Dr. Dan Eichenbaum in the 2010 Primary to within single digits of victory
  • endorsing, campaigning, and successfully getting four of ATPACs endorsed candidates elected in November, 2010
  • educating the public and our subscribers to the Independence Caucus candidate assessment process in a forum with IC founder, Frank Anderson
  • influencing Asheville City Council to put on hold their annexation plans of Royal Pines for twelve months
  • revealing the excessive expenses the Airport Authority was spending to send people to an airport conference in Maui
  • sending bus loads to DC to gather with more than 1.2 million other patriots on the Mall
  • gathering patriots for the first successful "We Read The Constitution" Day
We will do our best to continue the fine work Erika and Tim have begun and to bring this country back to the place our Founders would be proud.  We wish them good health and success in their next endeavors.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Marriage Amendment

Comments made on the Matt Mittan radio show
November 9, 2010, at 4:50pm
Podcast, begins at 00:34:00

I won't be surprised at all if religious right Republicans squander their dominance in the General Assembly by making a priority out of social or moral issues -- which are really religious issues.

This is a case of Christian theocrats attempting to codify their own religious beliefs in the law that should be secular.

For some reason, Christians seem uniquely unable to practice their religion between their ears.

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, I would like to know how any same sex marriage breaks your leg or picks your pocket. I could marry my ashtray and it wouldn't cause any harm to anyone else. And it certainly wouldn't prevent you from practicing your religion.

Secondly, this amendment is couched in terms of representing the will of the people. As though people have the right to vote to violate other people's rights. Democracy is mob rule. We live in a country where the government is supposed to protect us from democracy. If a majority voted to ban Christianity, should we respect the will of the people?


GOP: Dance With The One Who Brung You
By Paul Hsieh | November 3, 2010
Similarly, the recurrent theme in the countless grassroots Tea Party rallies across the country has been for fiscal responsibility and limited government — not social conservative issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

Shuler vs Pelosi

Former Speaker Pelosi will run for House Minority Leader in the 112th Congress. NC District 11 Representative Heath Shuler will challenge her for the number one party leadership position.

Scenario One has Obama as President, Boehner as Speaker, Pelosi as Minority Leader, Democrat-controlled Senate. The result might be so-called "gridlock." But gridlock has never deterred the advance of statism.

Scenario Two has Obama as President, Boehner as Speaker, Shuler as Minority Leader, Democrat-controlled Senate. The result might be bipartisanship. Bipartisanship has never fueled the advance of liberty.

Bipartisanship might mean that more statist public policy gets through Congress and signed by the President. Gridlock might mean less statist public policy gets through Congress and signed by the President.

In the absence of a major tea party influence, gridlock would be preferable from a liberty point of view. In which case, it would be preferably if Pelosi retained Democrat Party leadership. Also, Republicans would relish an ongoing partisan contest from a power politics point of view.

In the presence of a major tea party influence, gridlock could prevent the repeal or reduction of statist public policy. Genuine tea party principles should reduce to the promotion of individual rights, limited government and free markets.

The question is whether or not there is sufficient tea party influence in Congress to make bipartisanship appealing to the liberty agenda. The acceptance and adoption of tea party values in seats of power would be a function of 1) the tea party's understanding and embrace of a consistent libertarian political philosophy and, 2) the ability of the tea party movement at large to exert influence in the culture and in political leaders.

There is a new Tea Party Caucus in the House, Allen West will join the CBC. Rubio and Paul are now Senators. The Democrats and partisan media are flummoxed. Constitution talk is ubiquitous. Liberty candidates will be encourage in the next round of elections. And there are other signs that a greater liberty influence is being felt in politics.

I feel that another positive development for the liberty movement would be the election of conservative Blue Dog Heath Shuler to the number one Democrat Party leadership position, over against Pelosi. If the larger liberty community could get behind Shuler in his bid for leadership for strategic reasons, his election could prove fatal to the progress of statism and lead the country into a more serious conversation about direction.

Politics follows culture. The success of any liberty agenda will not result from a single election or the passage or repeal of legislation. It must burst forth from the culture prior to a sustainable element in politics.

The recent mid-term elections have been rightly portrayed as a repudiation of the hard left Obama-Pelosi progressive agenda. The election of Shuler as party leader would further solidify this sentiment in the public consciousness.

It is for these reasons that I support the election of Heath Shuler as Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 112th Congress.


Black Caucus mum on Tea Party Republican who wants to join
By Mike Lillis | The Hill | November 8, 2010
Rep.-elect Allen West (R-Fla.) indicated last week he intends to join the CBC to challenge the group's "monolithic voice."

Defeated Democrats Pen Letter to Implore Pelosi to step aside
by Chad Pergram | Fox News | November 08, 2010
"Madam Speaker, fairly or unfairly, Republicans made you the face of the resentment and disagreement in our races. While we commend your years of service to our party and your leadership through many tough times, we respectfully ask that you step aside as the top Democrat in the House."

Moderates Eye Retaliation Against Pelosi
By Steven T. Dennis | Roll Call Staff | Nov. 9, 2010
There also is frustration that no one credible has emerged to take on Pelosi; no one considers the threat by Rep. Heath Shuler (N.C.) to run to be anything more than a token gesture by the Blue Dog.

Midterm Election Analysis [video]
Communist Party USA | November 5, 2010
Democrats suffered a serious setback in Congress, jeopardizing a labor and people's movement agenda.