Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hate Mail

Here is some hate mail received today from the wife of Republican candidate for Asheville city council and theocrat Ryan Croft. Apparently, Croft is determined to make all the right moves as he sets just the right tone for his campaign.
From: ""
Sent: Sunday, August 2, 2009 1:52:13 PM
Subject: Fair warning.....

Mr. Peck,

My name is Rebecca Croft. I just looked at your website Et in Arcadia ego, you have a photo with a FALSE heading on it with my husbands photo. (a campaign photo) I believe you have been asked to leave my husband alone. You are not even in the race for City Council. I believe you told Robert Malt that you would step off so to speak. Well, you were given an opportunity to do so, I am sending this message to you as fair warning that I will take action on this starting this afternoon. I have a very close friend who is an attorney, and it is sad that your pathetic life has reduced you to this, but there is no other recourse. This is SLANDER and misrepresentation of my husbands intentions in obtaining a seat on City Council. I will also begin phone calls to Robert Malt and several others who vowed support against any future childish attacks on my husband. You Mr. Peck, are a pathetic human and a waste of flesh. You are a sick man, and I think you should go back to Atlanta where you came from and stop sucking the life out of our beautiful city. Go freeload somewhere else, somewhere where you can actually BE King of The Universe. I pray for you everyday. You are in desperate need of therapy.

The publication on your EGO website was dated July 24th, that was well past the conversation you had with Robert Malt. You may be used to dragging people down your ridiculous path, but this is the wrong family to pull into false representations on the internet. This will be the only warning you receive, and may God himself be with you, you are going to need Him.

Rebecca Croft

Thanks Tinkerbell. I'm glad you won't be contacting me any more. You're an idiot.

P.S. Twitter personae Mad Maxs Girl gives me some love.

**UPDATE** August 2, 2009

Tinkerbell responds:
From: ""
Sent: Sunday, August 2, 2009 10:00:59 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Fair warning.....

No YOU are an idiot and a PARASITE!!!!!! Go back to Atlanta you dirt bag

Fill your pathetic hide behind that keyboard like some stupid ass journalist!!!! Sissy boy!!!! Punk

Lovely. I expect I'll keep hearing from Tinkerbell like a yapping Terrier.