Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sex discrimination complaint filed against ABCCM

‎"1. Accept jurisdiction and fully investigate these claims"

The Department of Labor should be abolished. They have absolutely NO legitimate jurisdiction over the affairs of innocent private organizations conducting their own businesses as they see fit. (Innocent means that they have not curtailed or in any way interfered with the rights of others. No one has a right to the labor, time, effort, property or capital of another.) If anyone takes issue with ABCCM's conduct of business, they would have the option (if we had a free market) of competing with ABCCM for consumers of their products or services. The problem is not private business. The problem is government interference in an unfree market in service-delivery. The violation of individual rights is what the Southern Poverty Law Center advocates. This kind of oppression against free-acting private organizations is illiberal and offensive to the American ideal of political and economic freedom.


By Baruch: "Timothy, let me get this right. You are saying that it is ok for the tax exempt church to discriminate against female veterans. Did I get that correct? If so, please explain to me how that is ok and moral and right and legal because I don't get it."

1. You got that correct.

2. As I indicated above, in a free market, which we do not have, it is morally right for a business enterprise, whether for profit or not, to be conducted in any way the business or property owner sees fit so long as this does not violating another person's rights. No one has the right to not be discriminated against and you cannot legislate morality. However, a property owner does and ought to have the right to use and dispose of his property, or business, as he sees fit, whether or not it is a public accommodation.

I support the Tiger Mountain Thirst Parlour Bele Chere Declaration of Discrimination. This policy may be unfair to non-locals but it is not the place of government to force someone to be fair. This would be a matter for private individuals to sort out without resorting to force.

The complicating factor in this matter is government interference in the form of tax exemptions, subsidies and regulation. This is what constitutes an unfree market and it is the source of conflict in this case.

The only thing immoral in these cases is the discrimination by the government against business and property owners in the exercise of their rights. This constitutes the infringement of the rights of some for the benefit of others which abrogates the very principle of rights.

From: Sex discrimination complaint filed against ABCCM
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