Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fracking, Racial Justice, and Budget Vetoes Overridden

"Can we talk about Republicans being so all-fired in favor of filling their cigarette lighters at the kitchen sink"

There is actually a place in New York called Burning Springs known for its flammable water — hence the name “Burning Springs.” Discovered in 1669, the springs were burning away well before fracking.


Fracking, Racial Justice, and Budget Vetoes Overridden
Scrutiny Hooligan


Matt replied: "That’s pretty stupid, even for you."

That's all you have? -- "you're stupid"? Not one single argument.

OK. 'Ad hominem.' You lose. Thanks.


tatuaje replied: "Because it is natural in one instance then all instances therefore must be natural? That seems to be your premise."


No. One instance of a thing that is naturally occurring does not necessarily suggest that all instances of the same thing are also naturally occurring. That is not my premise.

My premise is that disinformation generates false conclusions and false claims and should be supplanted with accuracy. Supplying only the information that supports a bias is lying by omission.

The phenomenon of flammable gas in tapwater did not arise simultaneously with the emergence of the technology of fracking, as the anti-fracking propagandists in the movie 'Gasland' and elsewhere would have us believe. And the assertion that people who support hydraulic fracturing as a means of extracting natural gas are "Republicans that favor filling their cigarette lighters at the kitchen sink," which is based on this disinformation, is an unhelpful partisan smear.

The truth is that fracking occurs well below water tables and there is no evidence of any connection between the practice and flammable tapwater.