Monday, April 05, 2010

Who is Ray Noland?

From the Mountain Xpress:
The city’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department recently announced that three local artists have been chosen to have their artwork appear on buses as part of the city’s first-ever “Art on Transit” bus art competition. Each artist will be awarded a $750 honorarium and their designs will grace the sides of a big bus.

The winners were Ray Noland’s “Jeweled Forest, a color-splashed, whimsical forest; Naomi Johnson’s photos of local food and farmers; and Nina Ruffini’s “Message” featuring bunnies adrift in boats.

Noland and his bus (Photo: Jen Bowen):

Interview with Ray Noland by "Angeline":
As much as I’d like to, I can’t pretend to know him well. But what little I do know is that Ray is making some of the most iconic and important art to come out of Chicago since Carl Sandburg wrote about a “City of the Big Shoulders.” CRO is currently in Asheville, North Carolina, fundraising for a new street art campaign combating the ignorance and idiocy that is the Tea Party Express. Can you dig it? Read more below and consider participating in The People’s Party, either by donating to the cause or spreading the word by downloading this free poster and putting it up WHERE FREEDOM RINGS.

The "art" of Ray Noland:

More "art" by Ray Noland posted on public utility box on Walnut St and Broadway in downtown Asheville (since removed by the City of Asheville Public Works Department).


Ray Noland
Tim Peck | Asheville Tribune | April 9, 2010
First, along with two other contestants, Mr. Noland is an artist who was awarded public money to create fantastical, larger-than-life graphic images for the artistic “wrapping” of city buses in Asheville’s “Art on Transit” project, sponsored by our Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department. To be sure, there’s nothing that eases the drudgery of a daily commute in our privately-owned vehicles than seeing largely empty city buses concealed in aesthetically pleasing screens funded by those very same commuters.