Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Republicans

From: Darrell Barry
Subject: Obama's vacation
To: Asheville Tea Party

I now have my doubts about the Tea Party Movement, what is going on? The very man whose policies we are protesting gets a free ride. No protests except a few anti-war demonstrators. I smell something rotten in Denmark or should I say Asheville. My support is rapidly dwindling.

On Apr 25, 2010, at 8:58 PM, Richard Bernier wrote:


We did not have to be were we are right now with the ATP - my words fell on the deaf ears on the phone with you a few days before you endorsed Dr.Dan. I would suggest that you consider to resend any endorsements if you hope to return the ATP to the numbers that ATP had a year ago.

ATP is alot of hard work, one may make mistake when working on this large task but its clear that something is wrong, please save this movement & make larger steps in the hopes to get America on track.

Let the people speak - no liberty without this basic freedom.

Erika Franzi, Asheville Tea Party:

"The people are, and always have been, free to speak.

The Asheville Tea Party is an organization dedicated to the promotion of individual rights, limited government, and free markets. If one is interested in protesting a Presidential vacation, he or she should perhaps look to the Carolina Stompers or the Buncombe County GOP, or host his or her own protest.

Regarding the endorsement of Dr. Dan, the Asheville Tea Party held an open candidate's debate and a straw poll and made an endorsement from among all participating candidates. We are not obliged to continue providing all candidates with a platform for campaigning. What we are obliged to do is fully support the candidates that have been selected for endorsement or recommendation by our organization. We have done our job and will be campaigning for the candidates that we have selected.

It's not the job of the Asheville Tea Party to promote all candidates. We have a distinct point of view and that's what we are promoting. The candidates that come closest to advancing our values have received our endorsement or our recommendation. That is the fair and just way for us to proceed. To indiscriminately present inferior candidates after an endorsement would be unfair to our membership and an abuse of trust.

Organizations like the Carolina Stompers, 912 Project, Conservative Thunder or the Buncombe County GOP are welcome to introduce any or all candidates for the consideration of their membership -- even candidates that insufficiently uphold the Tea Party values of individual rights, limited government and free markets. We have completed that phase and are proceeding to the next logical phase: actively promoting selected candidates."


Asheville Serves Obama Weak Tea
Darrell Barry | April 28, 2010
This action, or should I say, lack of action really set off alarm bells for me.