Monday, July 20, 2009

Pendleton for Mayor

I have been banned from the Denise Pendleton for Mayor website.

**UPDATE -- July 20, 2009**

Asheville city council candidate Ryan Croft (R) is the webmaster for Denise Pendleton (R). Pendleton was recruited by Croft at the last minute to compete against Mayor Terry Bellamy (D).

It was his decision to have me banned from the campaign website.

The reason?

"Because you talk to the other side. Progressives are the enemy."

**UPDATE** July 27, 2009

Ryan Croft is now allowing me on Denise Pendleton's website. In fact, I was re-instated. I did not re-register.


Ryan Croft for Council
I find that I have been banned by Asheville city council candidate Ryan Croft from his campaign website.

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