Sunday, July 26, 2009

AC-T and the Tea Party

Fear of big government helps unite tea party members
Joel Burgess | Asheville Citizen-Times | July 26, 2009
A former 1960s radical, a veterinarian from Barnardsville and a stay-at-home mother of four. It's a group that wouldn't normally have much in common. But Western North Carolina residents John Schuske, Kathie Lack and Erika Franzi have found one thing to rally around recently.

1. The Asheville Independence Day Tea Party took place on July 4th. This report is published on July 24th. This is what the AC-T considers timely reporting? Well, better late than never. Never being what they would have preferred.

2. "'You already know what the protesters think the way forward isn't. Ask them what they think the way forward is,' said Tom Sullivan, an Asheville engineer active in local Democratic politics."

Ending government interference in the marketplace is the way forward. But they don't want to hear that, so they say we have no ideas. The complete separation of economy and state is the idea. Strengthening individual rights is the idea. Strengthening property rights is the idea. Strengthening economic liberty is the idea.

Mr. Sullivan can continue to stick his fingers in his ears and claim that we have not declared a way forward. That is his wont. But this is not equivalent to having no ideas in fact. We are bursting with them.


Leslie Boyd
Tim Peck | July 23, 2009
Asheville Citizen-Times reporter Leslie Boyd has violated the code of journalistic ethics by participating in partisan political events as an advocate while also covering the story for her employer.

Individualism in America
Tim Peck | July 4, 2009
America has not always existed. I don't mean so much America the nation, but America the idea.