Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lancing Boyle

Boyle column was long on criticism, short on substance
Tim Peck | Asheville Citizen-Times | March 5, 2009

Regarding the commentary by columnist John Boyle, “Maybe it's time for council to fight back,” (AC-T, Feb. 28): I find it odd that Boyle can spill so much ink crafting an uncharitable caricature of city council member Carl Mumpower while avoiding any substantive analysis of the presumed demerits of his position. Nor are we shown specifically in what way Mumpower's characterizations of state legislators are in error.

Instead Boyle simply argues that the local delegation is popular, therefore, "it makes sense to try to work with them." As if this in itself is a sufficient rebuttal to Mumpower's claim that these legislators are "stealing control of a $1B asset owned by the citizens of Asheville" through the legislative manipulations of Sullivan Acts II & III.

Boyle then urges Mumpower's colleagues on city council to fire back at him, but without offering any ammunition in the form of a valid counter-argument.

Boyle also complains that Mumpower voiced his criticism in a public meeting without explaining in what way it is inappropriate for a council member to address public policy in a public meeting. Nor does Boyle reveal the nature of the sentiments held by fellow council member Russell who voted with Mumpower against a settlement in the water issue.

I await answers from “The Answer Man.”


Asheville City Council Report
Leslee Kulba | February 24, 2009
Notes 36, 37: As you all know, I took Asheville's side in the Water Disagreement because the county couldn’t give me internally-consistent answers and the legislators repeated the same, strange rhetoric.