Thursday, March 05, 2009

Divest, Retrench, Move Out

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Battling Obama by Going Galt
By David Weigel | Washington Independent | 3/6/09
”Do you ever wonder,” wrote Dr. Helen Smith, “after dealing with all that is going on with the economy and the upcoming election, if it’s getting to be time to ‘go John Galt?’”

John Galt Calls on Atlas to Strike!
by Terry Paulson | March 16, 2009
Writing letters, complaining to your representatives, even tax-revolt demonstrations may not be enough! When workers reject their contract, they strike. Maybe it’s time for Atlas to do more than shrug! Is it time for the top tax-paying Americans to go on strike?

Is Atlas Shrugging? [video]
PajamasMedia TV | Mar 16, 2009
Guest: Yaron Brook, President, Ayn Rand Institute

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When Will Atlas Shrug?
John Andrews | March 16, 2009
What is the breaking point? Where will the resistance form? Heavy questions, but unavoidable in the current political climate. The productive members of society can only be pushed so far, some say.

Banker fury over tax ‘witch-hunt’
Financial Times | March 20 2009
Senior executives on both sides of the Atlantic on Friday warned of an exodus of talent from some of the biggest names in US finance, saying the “anti-American” measures smacked of “a McCarthy witch-hunt” that would send the country “back to the stone age”.

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