Saturday, June 25, 2016

Asheville District Elections in Redistricting Committee

Senate Redistricting Committee
June 24, 2016
SB897: Asheville District Elections

Audio: Sen. Ralph Hise on Asheville District Elections.

Senator Hise: "I thank the chairman. Just a quick comment. I thank Senator Apodaca on his work on this. Being near the area, I also heard a lot of complaints about the Asheville council and its failure to represent many of the people that live in that community...and I just wanted comment on the fact that when individuals are currently serving and have a tremendous advantage in being elected, as is obvious in this case, I hate to make them the arbiters of whether or not we should make any changes when they've developed a system that obviously benefits them in that process, so...I thank Senator Apodaca all these years, and I will tell you that it is your voice that I trust [regarding] the city of Asheville."

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Asheville District Elections Map (showing current council members)

Asheville District Elections Timeline

Asheville District Elections in Elections Committee

Pete Kaliner on Asheville District Elections