Monday, January 21, 2013

Food Policy

Step One: Seek city government sanction (where the markets are). Innocuous, no funding.

"With [City of Asheville] approval of this resolution, the management process to evaluate, prioritize, and implement sustainability activities will be expanded to include food activities."

Step Two: Seek county government sanction (where the farms are). Innocuous, no funding.

"Food Policy Councils (FPC) are comprised of stakeholders from various segments of a local food system. Councils are typically sanctioned through government action such as an Executive Order, Public Act, or Joint Resolution".

Step Three: Form a nonprofit and solicit public funding.

"There is slightly more interest in establishing a more formal legal structure (such as 501(c)3 status) to pursue funding or growth opportunities".

Step Four: Seek public/private partnership, become an arm of local government in an official capacity to guide policy, craft regulations, funnel public money to a network of nonprofit cronies and enable ideological favoritism.


Nourishing policy: City Council considers Asheville's Food Action Plan
Asheville City Council is thinking about your stomach — and stomachs all over Asheville, in fact.