Saturday, June 23, 2012

NCGOP Budget & Election Integrity

Mr. Smith waxes meloncholy about the "foundation of our democracy" (which we are not) and the "power of the people to elect their representatives" and then voices objections to the ability of Buncombe County citizens to vote for representatives from their own district. It would appear that it is Mr. Smith who is advocating voter suppression. Perhaps he sees some advantage in it. Also, the apparent hysteria (thanks, Mike) over simply proving that you're an eligible voter causes me to think that Mr. Smith also sees some disadvantage in it, given that Mr. Smith reflexively divides humanity into two classes: My Tribe and Not My Tribe.

Mr. Dahm hastens to point out to us that "Voting is a right, not a privilege." If so, it is certainly a right possessed by actual citizens -- especially those who are still alive. If citizens, who supposedly have a right to vote, cannot be bothered to obtain some form of ID in order to validate the proper exercise of that right, I really can't be bothered to worry about it.

Action Alert – NCGOP Budget & Election Integrity
By Gordon Smith