Thursday, March 10, 2011

Atlas Shrugged movie questions

From Kevin Rollins:

I'm putting together a story for Tea Party Review on the Atlas Shrugged movie. Would you mind sending me written answers to a few questions? I will be happy to quote you and list your organizational affiliation.

QUESTION: As an Objectivist and a Tea Party member, are you excited about this movie coming out in a few weeks?

Yes. I am very exited. I've seen mixed reviews but so far no one has said that this is a bad movie. Consequently, it will garner interest and provide an opportunity to the viewing public to engage in discussion of Rand, Objectivism and the proper role of government. As a libertarian, this will likely advance my values.

QUESTION: What in your view is Objectivism and how does it relate to the message of the Tea Party?

Objectivism is an integrated, comprehensive philosophical system that incorporates politics. The politics of Objectivism is unregulated laissez-faire capitalism and its corollary of political freedom. The tea party's message ought to be and in many cases is, individual rights, limited government and free markets. The connection between Objectivism and the tea party movement is weak but promising. The tea party movement has no intellectual foundation. Objectivism provides it and I have promoted Objectivist principles in our tea party organization.

QUESTION: How important is Atlas Shrugged to understanding Objectivism?

Atlas Shrugged is foundational to the understanding of Objectivism.

QUESTION: Do you think we have a problem of too many Jim Taggarts and Wesley Mouches running around DC?

We have too many Jim Taggarts and Wesley Mouches in our culture generally. Politics follows culture. If we have these types in DC, it is because their mentality prevails in the culture. It is culture that must change first, then the quality of politics will follow suit.

QUESTION: Are people in Asheville trying to get the movie screened locally?

I am the only Objectivist in Asheville. No one I know is trying to get this movie screened. I expect it will be screened at our local art house when it is released.

QUESTION: If you have anything else you think I should include, please fire away.

This movie will be virulently attacked by ideological left in Hollywood, the partisan press and academia. It is vitally important that we are prepared to defend the values and principles represented in this movie and the book upon which it is based.


An Introduction to Objectivism Part 1
Lecture by Leonard Peikoff