Thursday, June 24, 2010


June 24, 2010

Dear Managing Editor, Asheville Tribune,

In his opinion series on authentic conservatism, Dr. Carl Mumpower takes issue with Ron Paul bringing pork home to his congressional district in Texas ('Ron Paul Tap Dances on Earmarks,' June 4, 2010).

I agree with Ron Paul.

Ideally, taxpayers should be relieved of the ever-growing burden of involuntarily funding an out-of-control, unconstitutional, greedy and corrupted government. As it happens, however, taxes are forcibly seized by the federal government and should, by some means, find their way back to their rightful owners. Since the government is unwilling to either cease the confiscation outright or directly return the spoils of plunder, pork is the next best substitute to allowing taxpayers to keep their own money.

Without the earmarking of certain ill-gotten gains, every other state in the Union can and will lay claim to the money seized from Texans. Reclaiming this money for his constituents through pork programs, Rep. Ron Paul is standing athwart the Marxist redistribution of wealth saying, "Stop!" -- something I thought Dr. Mumpower would applaud.

You learn something new every day.