Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anti-Speech Laws

"The recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee knocked down long-standing restrictions on corporate and union contributions to political campaigns and was a definitive move toward the restoration of free speech in America. Yet many Americans are up in arms over the ruling, viewing the decision as an invitation for rampant corruption in Washington. While people are right to be concerned about political corruption, there’s a serious misunderstanding about what gives rise to it and how it can be eliminated."

War On Free Political Speech
Yaron Brook | 03.21.08

[...] Can't large contributions buy political favors? They can--when politicians have power to grant special favors to special interests in the first place. . . It's not money that corrupts--it's the lure of arbitrary political power. A true crusader against political corruption would not strip American citizens of their right to free speech; he would seek to put an end to the government's power to grant special favors to any group...

Campaign Finance Reform: A Libertarian Primer
by Robert A. Levy | January 28, 2010

[...] As for money, it's just a symptom. We have a big money problem because we have a big government problem. By restraining the regulatory and redistributive powers of the state, we can minimize the influence of big money. Restoring the Framers' notion of enumerated, delegated, and limited federal powers will get government out of our lives and out of our wallets. That's the best way to end the campaign-finance racket, and root out corruption without jeopardizing political speech...