Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Write-In Robin Cape

Robin Cape is a write-in candidate for Asheville City Council. Here is a message from Robin Cape's campaign website on how to vote:
Due to a State Board of Elections decision there will NOT be a space on the primary ballot for write ins. This allows us to skip the primary and head straight into the General Election on November 3. State law requires that official ballots have “a means by which a write-in vote may be cast.” On November 3 you will see 6 names and a blank line in the running for City Council.

I ask that you write my name on that blank line.

Why is Robin Cape a write-in?

Watch the rest of Robin Cape's videos on YouTube.


Write-in Cape for City Council
by Mary Miller Stair | Mountain Xpress | 09/16/2009
Not only do we need her voice for sustainability in this bioregion, her positive example of community dialogue and her experience on City Council, we need our political leaders to make wise decisions.

Why Cape gets our write-in votes
by Pat Hinkley | Mountain Xpress | 09/23/2009
I have worked with Robin Cape and am excited that she wants to continue as Councilwoman.

Why Cape gets our write-in votes too
by Majo John Madden | Mountain Xpress | 09/23/2009
I was disappointed when I heard that Robin Cape was not going to run for City Council.

Urging folks to write in Cape, a capable public servant
Buddy Davis | Asheville Citizen-Times | Sep 25, 2009
There are those who are asking, “Why should I write in Robin Cape for City Council when, by her own choice, she did not file for the primary?”

Cape's leadership is worth writing in for council
Stu Zonder | Asheville Citizen-Times | September 28, 2009
Recently, City Councilwoman Robin Cape has decided to pursue re-election as a write-in candidate. This is great news for the citizens of Asheville.

Robin Cape works her tail off for Asheville
by William Harwood | Mountain Xpress | 09/30/2009
Robin works her tail off for Asheville and does a lot of good for those of us who prize a high quality of life.

Robin Cape is attuned to the grass roots
by Robert White | Mountain Xpress | 10/07/2009
I am writing in support of [Asheville City Council member and write-in candidate] Robin Cape.

Robin Cape is worth writing in for city council
Robert E. Lee | Asheville Citizen-Times | Oct 10, 2009
How does a write-in candidate for city council get elected?

How I learned to respect Robin Cape
Tim Peck | Mountain Xpress | October 14, 2009
When Council member Robin Cape was elected four years ago, I was upset. I couldn't understand how Asheville could elect someone with her radical ideas about energy, the environment and a paternalistic model of government.

Robin changed her mind, but she's got my vote
Mack B. Pearsall | Mountain Xpress | October 14, 2009
Earlier this summer, Robin Cape faced what appeared to be an "either-or" situation: Either mount a City Council re-election campaign, or step aside to focus on the concurrent crises of her father's death and her divorce.

Impressed with Cape's willingness to listen to people
Joe Klerlein | Asheville Citizen-Times October 20, 2009
My wife and I first met Robin Cape last winter. We had asked her to meet with us to discuss a potential business for Asheville.

Reasons for voting for Robin Cape for council
Mack Pearsall | Asheville Citizen-Times | October 24, 2009
Why I support Robin Cape

Cape and Bothwell impress more than other candidates
Paul Howey | Asheville Citizen-Times | October 28, 2009
I am very impressed by two City Council candidates: Cecil Bothwell and Robin Cape.

Has seen Robin Cape in action and recommends her highly
Steve Cochran | Asheville Citizen-Times | Oct 29, 2009
It has been my privilege to serve with Robin Cape on a number of community boards and commissions during the four years of her City Council tenure.

Taking the time to write in Cape will pay dividends
Julia Brassington | Asheville Citizen-Times | Oct 30, 2009
In my 16 years here, I've never felt strongly enough about a local election to write a letter to the editor, but I had to express my admiration for Councilwoman Robin Cape.

Asheville will be lucky to have Cape back on council
David Wheeler | Asheville Citizen-Times | Oct 31, 2009
Councilwoman Robin Cape has been one of the strongest advocates on the Asheville City Council for community, sustainability and developing the local economy.