Sunday, June 28, 2009

Republican Theocrats

Gary writes: "If we don't come together, cast out the Rinos and Necons and talk some sense into the social conservatives, then I think we should give up on politics and look out for ourselves..."
I suspect by the term "social conservatives" you mean theocrats.

A theocrat does not believe in any separation of church and state. That is, they actively believe that the two ought to be merged. They believe, quite honestly by the way, that it is the propesr role of government to forceably impose their own peculiar faith-based religiou beliefs on all others in a pluralistic society. And all of this without a moment's thought that their precious favored religion could possibly fall into disfavor and be supplanted by another, equally offensive to them and their erstwhile critics.

In this belief they do not differ in any substantial moral sense from the Taliban or the proponents of Islamic Sharia Law. The fragility of their faith and inch-deep understanding of spirituality leads them to promote and institute coercive law and vacant, puritanical custom that will, in a sense, do their heavy lifting for them in the hopes that this brutal use of force will finally serve their aims in place of the heavier lifting required by rational persuasion and peaceful coexistence.

So long as the terms "conservative" and "theocrat" are synonymous, the Republican Party will flounder. As well they should. God willing.