Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Promises, Promises

Obama Disses Black Farmers
Associated Press | April 21, 2009
As a senator, Barack Obama led the charge last year to pass a bill allowing black farmers to seek new discrimination claims against the Agriculture Department. Now he is president, and his administration so far is acting like it wants the potentially budget-busting lawsuits to go away.

GM, Chrysler to get $5.5B more
Associated Press | April 21, 2009
General Motors Corp. could get as much as $5 billion more in federal loans, while Chrysler LLC could get $500 million as they race against government-imposed deadlines to restructure, according to a government report filed Tuesday.

GM gets another $2 billion as deadline approaches
By Shawn Langlois | MarketWatch | April 24, 2009
General Motors Corp. has received $2 billion in fresh working capital from the Obama administration as the ailing Detroit giant works to revamp itself ahead of a June 1 deadline, Treasury Department officials said Friday.