Monday, February 16, 2009


We will soon see the inevitable result of 100 years of unbridled government meddling and interference in the marketplace.

Gerald Celente, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute, has some choice words on the state of the economy.

“We’re going to see the economic collapse the likes of which the world has never seen before.”

"When I say it’s going to be worse than the Great Depression, we call it the Greatest Depression. By the way, to be using 1930s models to get the U.S. out of this is really stupid."


Is America Going the Way of Argentina?
by Mike Miller | Liberty Maven | February 16th, 2009
Lavish social spending? Welfare programs? Protectionism? Taxation? Runaway deficits? Sound familiar?

Irish government faces growing fears of debt default
Elena Moya | The Guardian UK | 16 February 2009
Fears are growing that Ireland could default on its national debt after the cost to insure against possible losses on loans to the country rose to record highs at the end of last week.

Financial crisis causes Iceland's government to collapse
By David Blair | Telegraph London | 27 Jan 2009
Iceland's economic crisis toppled the government and destroyed the conservative prime minister's career yesterday when the entire cabinet resigned.

Atlas felt a sense of déjà vu
The Economist | Feb 26th 2009
Books do not sell themselves: that is what films are for. “The Reader”, the book that inspired the Oscar-winning film, has shot up the bestseller lists. Another recent publishing success, however, has had more help from Washington, DC, than Hollywood. That book is Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”.