Thursday, February 21, 2008

LTE: Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the only hopeful providing real solutions

This election season, millions of Americans will go to the polls and voluntarily vote for slavery, theft and endless war.

No candidate in the 2008 Presidential election maintains the political philosophy of limited government, individual rights and free markets: There is no candidate who would devolve political power from the federal to the local level; who would do only what is authorized in the Constitution to defend this country against foreign aggression; who would fully dismantle the income tax monstrosity that maintains a prior claim on your labor; who would expose the folly of the central banking system responsible for boom-bust business cycles, inflation, and consequent poverty; who would place the control of the nation's money supply in the hands of the federal government instead of a private bank, the Federal Reserve; who advocates a foreign policy of non-interventionism; who would respect the sovereign right of every individual to exercise their civil liberties as they see fit, barring violations of other’s rights.

In short, there is no candidate in this race who consistently opposes the tyranny of statism into which America has descended.

There is no candidate. None, that is, with the sole exception of 10-term libertarian Congressman Ron Paul.