Monday, July 02, 2007

Freedom versus Whimsy

Response to Commentary by Susan Ihne on Freedom:

In her July 1, 2007, Asheville Citizen-Times op-ed piece Freedom is a grand concept that should be enjoyed daily, Susan Ihne advises such things as:
Do you hate going to work each day? Get off your bum and find a job you enjoy.

Did your mother once tell you that pink wasn’t your color, so you’ve spent your life never buying anything pink? Go buy pink.

Do you nearly fall asleep each week in church because the pastor is boring? Find one you like, get something out of it.

Do you have a dining room you never use and can’t sleep upstairs at night because it’s so hot? Bring the bed down and sleep in the dining room.

Is your car ride home each evening so routine that sometimes you arrive and don’t even remember taking the exit? Drive an extra two miles and find an alternative route to make your life interesting.

Who says you can’t eat dessert first? Just once, start with the sweets and work your way back to the salad.

Does anyone understand the difference between Freedom and Whimsy?

Freedom, in a political sense, means to be free from the coercion and predation of other individuals and especially the government. Under a system of Freedom, the only proper role for the government is the protection of individual rights. An ideal that America has not yet achieved - and may not.

Whimsy is a personal, range-of-the-moment psychological urge that carries no political content and little meaning outside of a person's own momentary and shifting consciousness. Much like the tips given by the writer of this article.