Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weaverville City Council

Attended a special Weaverville city council meeting with their planning committee. The planning committee presented a number of maps related to land use planning. The council asked the planning committee to develope a land use plan that they could present by May 16, 2006. A vote is expected by December.

I asked council member Al Root if he thought the town of Weaverville would welcome overtures from Wal-Mart now that they have withdrawn their application for rezoning in Asheville.

He said that they might not welcome Wal-Mart but they would probably not be opposed to it. He thought Wal-Mart might look at some property just to the north of the Weaverville corporate limits, but if they did they'd need to buy their water from Weaverville.

In this case, Wal-Mart would have greater say in the development plans but would have to negotiate with Weaverville for this service.

If Wal-Mart locates inside the corporate limits, the council would have more say in the development plans but would be required to provide water.

One interesting note: Weaverville has no power to set conditions on the development that would require that Wal-Mart pay for relocation expenses of displaced trailer park residents.