Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Radio: On City Council

Called into the Ken Bagwell radio show on WZGM 1350 AM regarding city council.

This was the basis of my comments:

Holly Jones: Minority Business Plan, symbolic legislation

Public Comment by Zev: Bicycle is his only means of transportation, he want us to appreciate the benefits he offers us: 1) not adding to traffic, 2) not contributing to pollution, 3) physically fit. Separated bike paths, paved, vegetative buffer, separating fence. Who will pay? He doesn't pay highway tax. Bryan Freeborn: carries a city-owned cellphone w/camera in his shirt so he can take pictures of car drivers who yell at him.

Brownie Newman: Putting the breaks on conservation easement, 27 acres, RiverLink to use $87k to clean up, permanent. Can't RiverLink clean up the Swannanoa River without an easement. Something stinks about this deal.

Jan Davis: traffic calming, Freeborn: which ones? The ones in the middle of the road? Yeah!