Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Department of Peace

In a recent letter to the editor to the Asheville Citizen-Times("Help make a Department of Peace a reality," 1/3/06), Asheville resident Catherine Holt recommends creating a new department in government: A Department of Peace?

Now isn't that just precious?

She says, "...governments pursue their aims through violence and warfare, and military force is seen as a legitimate way to resolve disputes ...

I would remind Ms. Holt that the wanton, wholesale murder of 3,000 innocents is not a "dispute." It is an act of war. The only thing in dispute is whether or not I have a right to live. And I have a very unresolvable opinion about that.

I would like to thank the Department of DEFENSE for protecting and preserving the kind of country that gives these precious lunatics the freedom to champion any fantastical, hare-brained scheme that might emerge in their vacant minds, and the latitude to roam freely in the streets unsupervised and unmolested.

I thank the peace-makers in the military. And President Bush: I support you in your difficult task; and any successor who promises to maintain your resolve to protect America from inhuman terrorism, to protect American interests worldwide, and to propagate liberty wherever it is wanting.