Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Asheville Daily Planet,

In March 2009, the Federal Reserve printed one trillion dollars in new currency, entirely untethered to anything of value, to prop up previous failures of government intervention.

What will be the effect of the injection of this new, additional money on all current and future currency? The effect of inflation of the money supply is currency debasement.

Currency debasement leads to price increases as markets seek equilibrium. However, when the money is new, it holds its current value. When that money eventually trickles down it is worth less and less over time. The rich and well-connected get to use the money while it temporarily retains value. The rest of us get the debased money. And so do your children, and their children.

Economist and philosopher Frederic Bastiat said, "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."

It is time now, at long last, to put an end to generational theft and unconstitutional over-reach before the U.S. dollar collapses and the vision of the Founders is a curious textbook memory.

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North Carolina Tea Parties

Tea party will draw many kinds of people
Roderick, Marilyn McLennan | AC-T | Mar 30, 2009
The best thing about the upcoming Asheville Tax Day Tea Party is that all kinds of people with many kinds of political, sociological and religious views will gather together.

Atlas Shrugged and the Tea Party Revolts [video]
Ayn Rand Center | April 06, 2009
Atlas Shrugged provides a vivid depiction of an America similar to today's and provides the ideological causes of today's failing policies.

Join the Tax Day Tea Party against fiscal ruination
Erika Franzi | AC-T | April 12, 2009
At a time when the word “prosperity” is no longer identified with this nation, it is inconceivable that our government continues to spend tax dollars as though the supply is endless...

See you at the Grand Junction Tea Party
By Linn and Ari Armstrong | Grand Junction Free Press
Finally there’s a reason to feel good about April 15 again. Yes, it’s tax day — and the federal government is spending more of our money than ever before. But this year the date also marks the Tax Day Tea Party, to be held in cities around Colorado and the nation.

The Tea Parties Are Financed By Fox News [video]
The tea parties are just “phony populism.”

Speech by Dr. John Lewis [video]
Charlotte Tea Party | April 15, 2009

New Official Home of the Tea Party Movement

Asheville Tea Party Video:
Bernard Carmen on Government Accountability
Matt Hoagland on Audit the Fed
Gary Shoemaker on Sovereignty Movement

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bama


Glenn Beck rips Barney Frank, AIG, Fannie [video]
Beck explains why Obama and Democrats (like Frank) are using the art of political misdirection to push us away from the real problems we are facing.

Chuckles the President
Steve Croft: "Are you punch-drunk?"

Not Presidential:

Obama on signing statements [video]
"I will not use signing statements."

Obama issues signing statement
Two days after criticizing his predecessor for issuing guidelines on how to put legislation into practice, President Barack Obama issued such a directive himself.

Dollar Declines on Geithner’s Comment
By Oliver Biggadike and Ye Xie
The dollar fell the most in almost a week against the euro on concern Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner supported a Chinese plan to blunt demand among global central banks for the greenback.

The Obama Deception [video]
The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Divest, Retrench, Move Out

Part 2 | Part 3


Battling Obama by Going Galt
By David Weigel | Washington Independent | 3/6/09
”Do you ever wonder,” wrote Dr. Helen Smith, “after dealing with all that is going on with the economy and the upcoming election, if it’s getting to be time to ‘go John Galt?’”

John Galt Calls on Atlas to Strike!
by Terry Paulson | March 16, 2009
Writing letters, complaining to your representatives, even tax-revolt demonstrations may not be enough! When workers reject their contract, they strike. Maybe it’s time for Atlas to do more than shrug! Is it time for the top tax-paying Americans to go on strike?

Is Atlas Shrugging? [video]
PajamasMedia TV | Mar 16, 2009
Guest: Yaron Brook, President, Ayn Rand Institute

Amazon Fiction Ranking
#3 - Atlas Shrugged
#4 - Atlas Shrugged
#6 - Atlas Shrugged
#19 - Fountainhead
#48 - Virtue of Selfishness
#61 - Atlas Shrugged (Centennial Ed. HC)
#65 - Atlas Shrugged Cliff's Notes

When Will Atlas Shrug?
John Andrews | March 16, 2009
What is the breaking point? Where will the resistance form? Heavy questions, but unavoidable in the current political climate. The productive members of society can only be pushed so far, some say.

Banker fury over tax ‘witch-hunt’
Financial Times | March 20 2009
Senior executives on both sides of the Atlantic on Friday warned of an exodus of talent from some of the biggest names in US finance, saying the “anti-American” measures smacked of “a McCarthy witch-hunt” that would send the country “back to the stone age”.

Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom

Lancing Boyle

Boyle column was long on criticism, short on substance
Tim Peck | Asheville Citizen-Times | March 5, 2009

Regarding the commentary by columnist John Boyle, “Maybe it's time for council to fight back,” (AC-T, Feb. 28): I find it odd that Boyle can spill so much ink crafting an uncharitable caricature of city council member Carl Mumpower while avoiding any substantive analysis of the presumed demerits of his position. Nor are we shown specifically in what way Mumpower's characterizations of state legislators are in error.

Instead Boyle simply argues that the local delegation is popular, therefore, "it makes sense to try to work with them." As if this in itself is a sufficient rebuttal to Mumpower's claim that these legislators are "stealing control of a $1B asset owned by the citizens of Asheville" through the legislative manipulations of Sullivan Acts II & III.

Boyle then urges Mumpower's colleagues on city council to fire back at him, but without offering any ammunition in the form of a valid counter-argument.

Boyle also complains that Mumpower voiced his criticism in a public meeting without explaining in what way it is inappropriate for a council member to address public policy in a public meeting. Nor does Boyle reveal the nature of the sentiments held by fellow council member Russell who voted with Mumpower against a settlement in the water issue.

I await answers from “The Answer Man.”


Asheville City Council Report
Leslee Kulba | February 24, 2009
Notes 36, 37: As you all know, I took Asheville's side in the Water Disagreement because the county couldn’t give me internally-consistent answers and the legislators repeated the same, strange rhetoric.